Engaging “Madness”

Recently, I began attending an online support group, and as usual, I struggle when trying to paint a picture of the journey my wife and I have been on. I understand we have done things very differently to put it mildly. So I wrote a companion piece to Before You Call for Help, but in this booklet, Engaging “Madness”, I tried to give lots of examples from our lives of how we did things. Sometimes I think I get too cerebral. Perhaps this will fill in the blanks a little. It’s only 40 pages long if anyone has interest.

I wish each of you well on your own journeys.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. stoner on a rollercoaster
    Mar 06, 2022 @ 14:09:32


    Hope you are doing well.

    I’m doing mental health awareness reblogs.

    If you want me to share your post on the subject, can you please suggest the one you would like me to re-blog?

    Thank you and take care 


  2. Sam Ruck
    Mar 06, 2022 @ 21:17:38

    Hi Stoner on a Rollercoaster,
    Thank you for the kind offer. If you want to repost one, perhaps you could just do this one as it’s my latest and I have written this booklet in an attempt to reach a wider audience than our little d.i.d. community. Here’s the link for it:

    Engaging “Madness”


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